What’s next on Facebook?

As if it is not already the most versatile social media network in the planet, Facebook has continued rolling out add-ons to their platform all year round, and they are not done yet. With just a few more days left, the social media giant has been testing some new interesting features that would make you wonder what else they have in their drawing boards for 2017. But before we bid farewell and say hello to a new calendar, let’s check out what the most loved social media had introduced towards the end of 2016.

1. Making it BIG on Facebook!

As the popular saying goes, “big things come in small packages”. Well, it might be slightly different but the idea is more or less the same. Wondering what I’m babbling here? It’s about Facebook’s recent addition, the oversize fonts that has been flooding your feed these past few days.


How to make a HUGE statement?

When you write your Facebook status update in 35 characters or less, it will be displayed on huge fonts without you doing anything special. But if your status update exceeds this character limit or you add an attachment like a photo, normal fonts will be used.
While it’s not clear as to when the feature was added or until when it’s going to last, you can definitely take advantage of it to get your account some much needed attention. You can experiment on writing a simple yet catchy message or advert about your latest offering, something like that and see how much engagement it could bring in to your Page.

What is the advantage of using a larger font?

Aside from what is a no-brainer, there is actually no proven benefit or research made with regards to the effect of using a bigger font. Maybe Facebook is feeling generous and just wanted to lend a hand to those who utilize their platform for marketing and stuff, who knows? But hey, there is absolutely no harm in testing the waters, after all, no one can deny the fact that GIANTS do stand out!

2. Snapchat on Facebook?


It is no secret that Facebook has offered to buy Snapchat since 2013, for no less than $3 Billion, but the makers of the application that offers the most real time photo and video sharing with friends has refused to be labeled with a price. Hence, in their effort to ditch the leading application among younger generation, Facebook has added a new feature in its messaging service, the Messenger Day, which is currently being tested in Australia. Apparently, the land down under is Facebook’s second, Poland being the first, guinea pig for the said Snapchat copycat. Perhaps, Facebook wants to see how the new offering will fare on an English speaking community before making it public.

3. Use your Facebook Page to post a job

Just recently, it seems that Facebook has allowed certain Pages to post job offers together with the ability to manage the entire recruitment process, a feature that makes LinkedIn the preferred social media site of professionals and companies looking to expand their businesses. However, as of this time, there is no official statement published regarding this matter yet.



Endless Possibilities

There is no doubt that Facebook has taken over the social media scene from the time it was launched and by the looks of it, the dynamic team intends to keep it that way. There is no opponent too small or too big, everyone else is a competition, that simple. Thus, we could definitely expect more improved features and surprises from the ruler of social media kingdom.

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