Top 5 Content Types That Will Get Your Traffic to Skyrocket

Top 5 Content Types That Will Get Your Traffic to Skyrocket

A website is a very important tool that entrepreneurs use to do an in-depth introduction and advertising of their products or services. Unless you know how to make your own website, having one is costly and time-consuming but it is a necessary expense if you want to have a strong online presence in promoting your business.

It is every business owner’s dream to have his website get high traffic. The rationale here is that the more traffic your website gets, the higher the chances are for sales conversion. You don’t really need to hire professionals to optimize your website especially when your advertising budget is rather limited. What you can do though is to create quality articles that are very useful for visitors of your site. But do you know that no matter how good your posts are, if it does not cater to the interest of your visitors, it can still be ignored?

So how can you ensure an increase on traffic to your website? What are the 5 type of contents that a blog must have in order for traffic to skyrocket? The 5 content types listed below will help your traffic to skyrocket:

#1 How to Guides, Tips and Tutorials


Ever since the Internet has become popular, people would only just need to log on to their computer and search for any information that they want. People have become quite dependent on Google for answers.  It has become the norm for internet savvy people to use the internet to search online may it be recipe for that 4-cheese lasagna or a detailed instruction on creating your own online shopping website.

How to guides, tips and tutorials; may it be in the form of an article, recipe, images or video, has gone viral simply because it caters or answers HOW. You don’t want to waste precious time in doing Russian Roulette just to get the right steps for something you are interested in because in doing so, you are wasting your time and effort that’s why tutorials and how-to guides are so popular. They save you time and effort by providing you with detailed instructions on how you can go about what you intend to do.

A How to Guide, as the name suggests, is a post that will provide you with instructions in doing something particular. Tutorial is basically the same. It educates you on how to do a particular task. How to Guides and Tutorials have basically become the online manuals for anything under the sun. Tips, on the other hand, are advice to make something easier.

An example of popular How to Guides, Tips or Tutorials include Rinse Bacon in Water Before Cooking to Reduce Shrinkage by 50 Percent, which according to Buzz Sumo has 7.4K Facebook shares, 24 LinkedIn shares, 689 Twitter shares, 155K Pinterest shares and 168 Google+ shares.

#2 List Posts

As the name implies, list posts are articles with lists. This type of content is so popular simply because it makes reading the article so much simpler.  In one of Business2Community’s articles, it mentioned that list posts’ popularity comes from the fact that most people do not gravitate towards reading the whole article but would only look for points within the article that captures their interest.

List posts like Best Ofs, Top Tens and more are so much easier to share on Social Media. An example of a popular list article is 51 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature which has been shared 2.6M times in social media (complete run down: Facebook, 2.5M shares; LinkedIn, 1.1K shares;Twitter, 18.6K shares; Pinterest, 49.1K shares and Google+, 3.7K shares)

#3 Case Studies and Researches

Case studies are factual stories backed by numerous research and data which contain realistic and complex situations involving a problem, dilemma or conflict that needs to be addressed. Case studies normally are about a person, product, brand or company.

The criteria for case studies vary, but it normally includes the following parameters:

  • Problem, situation or dilemma
  • Product
  • Customer
  • Process
  • Solution
  • Results
  • Implementation

The purpose of case studies is to seek and provide in depth information regarding an issue or concern. It tests different theories and hypothesis. It normally adheres to a scientific approach similar to case analysis or investigatory projects done in school.

One great example of a quality case study regarding strategic ad spending  is Spending More on Ads to Overcome a Slump. It is a case study about Firehouse Subs, a restaurant chain that has been steadily losing money despite undergoing several marketing strategies. As a desperate resort, they tapped advertising agency Zimmerman to help them get over the slump who told them to ask for more advertising money from franchise owners.

Research, on the other hand,“is a careful and detailed study into a specific problem, concern, or issue using the scientific method. “  Research is essential to content as this is the type of content marketing that allows you to gather facts and information about your brand or product. Research is the gathering of data to support your answer to a specific issue or concern.

Though both are similar in nature, there are differences that you have to consider. Research has a broader reach or coverage than case studies. Also, you need to do an in-depth introduction about the company. There is also a need for you to cite your references or similar works when doing research.

Of all the content types listed here, both case studies and research may be considered as the most clinical since you have to conduct them using a scientific approach. This generally appeals to people who are looking for substantial data or information.

#4 Infographics

Infographics is a type of one-page content medium that has all the necessary information you need like- text, images, and graphics. It is a visual representation of what your content or part of your content is all about.  Many marketers prefer using this type of content especially when simple texts just won’t do in describing something for the benefit of readers.

Infographics make understanding your article simpler.  It is eye-catching, easy to understand, memorable, persuasive and can easily relay information. Infographics are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site simply because they are easily shareable to social media sites. Infographics are positive attention grabbers.

The infographics below from Anna Vital is really popular.


#5 Interactive Content- Quizzes and Trivias


Interactive content deviates from the usual traditional content marketing as this allows a two way communication process between the author and audience. One of the most important thing that you can do as a marketer is to look for ways how you can retain the interest of your readers to your website.

Providing good content just won’t do. You have to step up on your game so you can be ahead of the competition.

There’s something about online quizzes and trivias that make them so popular with readers on the net. They are so entertaining and once it has captured the interest of readers, chances are they will share it on social media.  Online Quizzes are normally Q&A’s with multiple choices. Normally, readers are given 2-4 options for their answers. Once they have completed the Quiz, it will be computed and your points will have corresponding value. These online quizzes are so popular that they are taking over your social media feeds especially Facebook.

The most popular online quiz for 2014 is Can We Guess Your Real Age? which garnered 5,982,321 as of writing of this article, The Top 8 Quizzes of 2014. Trivia, on the other hand, are just little tidbits of inconsequential information that you want to share to people in the form of questions or FYIs.

There are several more content types that will help you drive traffic to your website. What is really important is no matter what type of content you will post, it has to be well written and thoroughly researched. Unless your post is more on opinions then it is best to stick to facts. In writing for your content, always remember that your article must be able to answer these questions:

You know why websites such as Buzzfeed  and LifeHacker got so popular aside from their attention grabbing headlines? Because these blog sites are just one series of guides, tips, tutorials, quizzes and trivia. Aside from giving information regarding certain topics, one thing that cannot be denied is the entertainment value they give their readers.

With so many information available on the web; readers have become really discerning with the type of content that they want to read. As a business owner, one thing you must remember that the more entertaining your posts are, the better are the chances your readers will share your content to their social media sites which will guarantee an increase in your traffic.

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