The Best Ways To Use Quora To Promote Your Blog

The Best Ways To Use Quora

The best ways to use Quora to promote your blog revolve around developing your identity and understanding others in your niche. You need to establish who you are so that people will know about you. Understanding others, whether you share the same point of view or not, will help you widen your knowledge to help develop your blog.

Here are 5 of the best ways which can help you with your blog promotion.

Maximize Your Quora Profile

Maximizing Your Quora Profile

The primary step to use Quora to promote your blog is optimizing your profile features on the site. Whenever you post an answer, the first 50 characters of your profile (which include your name and bio) can be viewed as a tagline above your answer. Make use of this venue to extend a little branding for yourself to help promote your blog. Indicate your brand name at the first part of the description to make the most of the character limit.

There are other ways though to use Quora to promote your blog through the establishment of your identity on this question and answer network. Complete your profile as much as possible, especially those which directly relate with your niche. Include your blog link in your full bio to direct the traffic there since this can contain clickable links. You may also want to include @-mentions of other users to help with your credibility and popularity in your niche.

You can also have a topic-specific bio in your profile when you use Quora to promote your blog. Explicitly state what you are good at to attract people with direct inquiries to your niche go to you for answers. They will also be interested with your other social media accounts, and blog.

Positioning Yourself as an Authority in Your Niche

Positioning Yourself

Use Quora to promote your blog by positioning yourself as knowledgeable in your niche. People would want to read on content in blog posts from a reliable source. You have to establish yourself as an authoritative and credible figure amongst other bloggers who also want to capture the attention of your same target audience.

Together with being a reliable figure, if you want to use Quora to promote your blog you need to communicate with authority in all your responses. This does not mean being stiff and strict all the time. This means that you know well what you are talking about and are able to contribute valuable insight into your responses. You would also want people to keep on coming back to you for more information and insight, and thus direct them to your blog to learn more about you and what you have to say.

To use Quora via this manner also, test your opinions and convictions against others who share your desire in the same niche or industry, but not on your point of view. Opt for a friendly exchange of opinions and views, rather than heated discussions. You will be able to learn from other people to understand how to attract more people to your blog despite their difference in opinions.

Testing Potential Blog Topics

Test Potential Blog Topics

Another way to use Quora to improve your blog is by conducting a “field test” for topics you think of posting. You can post a question related to your topic, and check on how the people perceive it. Knowing their level of interest will aid you in deciding if your potential topic is worth posting. This saves you time from putting up posts which don’t attract that much traffic to your blog.

Try getting more responses to your posted question. Post a sharing button in your other social media accounts. This helps promote your blog as people see how active you are online in coming up with quality content.

Getting New Ideas

Getting New Ideas

Quora is one of the best platforms to look for ideas for new posts. This is of great help to neophytes and veteran bloggers alike. You may be new to blogging and would want to look for topics to draw people to your blog. You could be a tenured blogger in search of fresh content and new angles for topics in your niche.

When you use Quora to promote your blog this way, hundreds of questions and answers by various participants related to your niche are at your disposal. The variety of the people who engage in the forum can inspire you with new ideas. Upon registration, you are prompted to select topics you want to know about. Choose those in your niche, and also within your industry.

The site will then customize your feed with questions and answers related with your interests. You can make a more thorough search by going through the comments on the comment threads. You may be able to find recent developments in your industry. You may also be able to see things in your niche from another point of view.

Utilizing Quora Boards

Utilizing Your Brand

Use Quora to promote your blog by actively participating in a board. You have the option to create one to organize your preferred questions, answers, and content from other sites. Allow other users to make submissions to build your content.

Click on the button indicating Add to Browser to add a Post to Quora bookmarklet to include this to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar. After this, click the said bookmarklet to include content outside Quora in your new board. This will prompt asking you if you want to add a link to share to your boards, or other’s boards that are open to contributions.

Building your network through the make use of Quora is convenient this way. Using sources in and out of Quora will help make you more known to others. This attracts more people to your profile, and your blog as well.

Wrapping it up


These are 5 of the best ways to use Quora to promote your blog. Remember that the foundation of your Quora account and blog is about you and your understanding of others. Make time to strengthen and develop these to make your blog one of the most sought-after in and even outside your niche.

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