How to Use Webinars to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

How to Use Webinars to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Webinars, short for web-based seminar, are becoming quite popular in getting people engaged online nowadays. People can host workshops, presentations, lectures, and seminars using a video conferencing software. It is very interactive since participants can discuss information and even exchange documents, audio files, and applications.


The Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs released a B2B Content Marketing report for 2014 stating that webinars are used by only 62% of marketers, and is only ranked third as the most effective marketing strategy. Given the great opportunity for engagement in webinars, how can this be used to drive more traffic to your blog? Here are suggestions we have rounded up to help you with that.

#1 Optimize Your Post-Registration Page

optimize post registration page

Your webinar’s post-registration page is a great opportunity for you to drive more traffic to your blog. In your registration page, people are focused on signing up for the event. Your registration page therefore should be as direct to the point as possible. After providing the necessary information needed for them to participate, you can now put your marketing strategies to use.

The registrants for your webinar have put their trust in you by providing personal information. You can reciprocate this trust by giving them incentives available in your blog. You can grant them access to exclusive content by giving them promotional codes or special links which they can look into after participating in the event. You can also give them exclusive discounts to your product or service offerings to help also increase your sales.

Your webinars should be packaged in an educational way rather than a promotional manner. As you give your incentives at the post-registration page, make the registrant feel that this is an act of gratitude on your part for trusting you with their information and participation. Make them feel as early as possible that you value them as part of your brand so that this will help build a stronger relationship for future endeavors.

In the post-registration page for your webinar, direct the registrant to your blog for information they might want to know before the event itself. Encourage them to submit questions beforehand so it gets in your priority of inquiries to be answered. Also give them creative teasers for the exclusive content they can access after the event.

#2 Launching of Your Product/Service

project launching

You can use a webinar to educate people on a certain feature of the product or service you are launching. You have spent time and effort in conceptualizing this novel idea, innovation, or an upgraded version you have for your product/service. Discussing what this is and how it consequently is aligned with what you have in store will help your audience understand your offering better. They are also able to ask questions freely, and you can answer them promptly to help them decide on availing.

You should remember that webinars for brand, product or service launches should be presented as informative. Make the audience understand and appreciate what they have learned. Address their needs or wants. If there is none, create it and emphasize on how this can be of advantage to them

Your current customers will appreciate this kind of webinar. After experiencing your product for a while, they may want something more from it. They may have expressed their sentiments to you via feedback in your blog or other social media accounts. Actively responding to them through your webinar makes them feel valued since you took their advice into account to make your product/service better for them.

Your potential customers will also appreciate your webinar since you try to reach them in an informative approach. They may not have heard much about your product, but your webinar will help them slowly learn more about your brand and what you have to offer. As with your current customers, the interactive feature of webinars allows an exchange of information to help them be more knowledgeable of what they are about to invest in.

#3 Get Industry Experts

get industry experts

Having experts to be part of your webinar strengthens the activity and your brand as well. This increases your credibility with your audience as they see how much value you give to your brand, and to them who consume your product/avail your service. Other industry experts will also be curious about who you are and what your brand is, seeing that their colleague is willing to participate in your event. Followers and fans of the experts also serve as your potential business opportunities to expand your market.

The experts in your webinar can also be part of your next blog posts. This follow-though with their participation is a sign of appreciation to their contribution, and forges a stronger relationship with them. As mentioned earlier, their followers and fans can also turn to business opportunities to expand your reach. They will also help with your blog’s promotions, and consequently your brand and products as well.

When you have a confirmed list of experts for your webinar, feature their names in your marketing and promotions. This gets more attention to a wider scope of audience. This also helps make your event more of an opportunity for an expansion of knowledge, rather than a promotional stint for your brand.

You can design the flow of your webinar according to the topic your expert has the most knowledge of. They are well-known in your industry because they have extensive experience and knowledge on certain industry matters. Align this with what your brand already has, or connect it with what you already have featured in your blog.

Wrapping it up

Webinars are effective ways to drive more traffic to your blog. You have invested so much in creating an interesting, informative, and content rich blog which is definitely worth visiting. Getting people to know more about your brand and your product is a win-win situation for all: it helps them become more informed of those which can help them with their affairs, and it helps you attain your brand and product/service goals. It also helps others in your industry to share ideas and develop the industry to be more globally-competent in coping with the dynamic age of information we are in.


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