How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Without Using Social Media

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Without Using Social Media

Knowing how to drive traffic to your blog without using social media is a great skill to hone. Though social media can rake in a lot of views on your blog, depending on it every now and then can sometimes turn into laziness. Some bloggers expect that all of their target audience is on social media. Leniency to it would also result into tapping on not the right kind of people, which may render negative effects.

While it is true that social media is an excellent marketing tool, its potency can only last a limited time, making it a double edge sword. No amount of social media marketing can withstand the effects of the fallout. With that, ample anticipation and enough knowledge and mastery of knowing how to rake in the much-desired traffic is necessary and a must.

Use your Content to drive traffic to your blog

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Some bloggers, especially those who rely too much on tools and optimization (not that there’s something wrong about using them on the get go), become lazy in putting time and effort on their blog content and is never enough to drive traffic to your blog and stay there. On the onset, this actually defies the very definition of blogging – which is to create relatable, informative and useful content for the blogosphere to read, squeezing out productive discussions and putting light on significant matters.

To drive traffic to your blog, follow this simple principle: the quality (or even quantity, or even both) of you blog content will dictate the quality of your traffic.

Take Google’s algorithm for example.

The algorithm can see right through the endless array and numbers of blog posts by analyzing each content’s grammar and construction; segregating it from those who were merely dashed and passed off as ‘good enough’. With every content created, your goal should not be just to rank up but, rather, to provide a light, value and most especially information for your target audience.

You can do this by properly analyzing your targeted demographic – age, gender, job, salary, marital status and what have you – and create a plan of action revolving around it. These target demographics are your priority which means the majority of your blog contents should and would cater to their needs. Really giving time to understanding everything that has to do with you niche is also a must-do. There might be a lot of people who are also talking about what you are writing; being better than everybody else helps a lot.

Collaborate with others


There is power in numbers. Connecting with other bloggers and creating a great project together will result in a better reception compared to just a solo one. This way, you are able to combine your traffic and share the fruits of your labor,

Even a mere citation of someone’s work can help to drive traffic to your blog. Your content’s credibility becomes higher by citing another blogger’s content into your own; with due permission, of course. This way, the cited blogger then becomes inclined to promote, or in some cases reblogged, in their own blogs as a sign of gratitude for the mentioning. But, do not just limit this within the blogosphere. This method can also be applied to personalities, from artists to chefs.

In the talk of collaborations, being a guest blogger yourself could help boost and drive traffic to your blog. This way you are able to get your voice out to a whole new set of targeted demographics, on a wider scale, without much effort. If you are new to this concept, stick with those who are within your niche or a blogger that has a great personal bond with you, or even both (which is much better) and take it from there. With this, you can assess the voice and approach you need to take note of to successfully gain from the collaboration. Besides, at the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for you both.

Tap your email

tap your email

Your email can actually be a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Though it is true that not everyone that uses the internet owns a social media account, almost everybody has an email account, and your address book is filled with them.

Whenever you post something on your blog, try burst sending an email to your address book to notify them. This way, you can directly entice your contacts making it into a daily newsletter of which they will regularly expect and respond positively to your blog content, making it easier to drive traffic to your blog. But you should always remember to do this in very high moderation. Sending too many emails to the same contact within the day would become a nuisance for the recipient, which could backfire into being ignored, or much worse, be tagged as spam.

In this case, your email’s signature becomes your weapon of choice. The thing is, what others don’t realize is that you can actually include your blog’s web address, as a link, into your signature, together with your significant contacts and such, making it a marketing goldmine. This way, you can silently insert your blog and promote it with every email conversation you have, since it appears every time you send one. But make it easy for them to find and click it.

By tapping into your already active email community, you are able to consistently and subtly remind them about your blog, creating intrigued of what it is, making them more curious to click and explore.

Wrapping it Up

Nevertheless, using social media and harvesting it to its maximum potential can be of great help to any blogger. But depending on it can be both beneficial and detrimental. Being able to harness and drive traffic to your blog without depending on your social media account will give you a good advantage over other blogs within your niche.

This way, you can have a consistent amount of traffic, with your readers constantly going to your blog for new and fresh ideas, rather than depending on views, conversions, views and small reactions from a small fraction of the big population. You should be able to drive traffic to your blog, with or without social media.

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