Email Marketing Is The Most Effective Way To Acquire New Customers. This Is Why!

Email Marketing Is The Most Effective Way To Acquire New Customers

Whoever said email marketing is dead must have been doing it wrong. Email marketing, as the name implies, is the promotion of your brand, product, or service through the use of email. As a business owner, you can send a series of emails regarding your business to people who have signed up on your email list or leads you have generated during research. According to McKinsey&Company, though there is a decline of usage in emails between 2008 to 2012, email is still 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined.

Emails are used to welcome people to your business, as newsletters and as a promotional platform. Emails are very effective especially when it comes to mobile opt-ins, transaction and birthday emails.

By sending your emails to only those who are part of your emailing list and those you have already targeted as your highly probable future customers, you have already eliminated the possibility of sending spam messages. Spam messages are irritating at best. Useless at worst. Chances are, recipients will only ignore it if the email server’s spam filter did not get it first.

It is very important to create an eye-catching email that will definitely convert to at least a click on the URL you have provided with your email. A compelling email will make a big difference to how successful your email campaign will be. That is why it is very important to create an email that’s difficult to ignore.


Here’s what you need to have in mind when creating your e-mails:

  • Focus on providing benefit to your future customer
  • Prepare your email list
  • Prepare a very attractive template that is very easy to understand
  • Include your picture plus a brief introduction of yourself or your business
  • Highlight your brand’s benefit as your primary selling point.
  • Content must be short and simple
  • Maintain a personalized approach
  • Do your homework and know what your business rival is doing
  • Give your future consumers a better value for their money

The first email usually gets the highest click rate so if you do not prepare enough for this, chances are, it won’t be opened at all. First impressions matter so you have to tread very carefully here. Since normally email marketing is all about a series of emails you will be sending to your list, put your email recipients in suspense so they’ll look forward to your next batches of email.

With the proliferation of other forms of internet or online marketing such as social media, many business owners have put email marketing at the bottom of their priorities, and that should not be your case and here’s why:

It is easy to keep track of leads coming from email marketing

Using of an email management system like MailChimp or Aweber makes it very easy to track leads coming from your emails. They also have great autoresponder services to help you managing your email correspondence. That’s the beauty of email automation software. Aside from allowing you to send mass emails at any given time, it tracks your leads. It enables you to check who received and opened your emails

Emails cut your overhead cost


No more costly stamps or freight charges.  You can even save the ink of your printer. No need for envelopes and paper. You can save manpower too since you don’t need someone to run errands for you in emailing your correspondence. Just imagine how many people you need to send letters to and how much it would cost if done the traditional way.  Long term wise, you’re saving a lot of money with emails. All you need to purchase is the automation tool whose rate varies depending on your needs and preferences.

Emails are easily shared

That’s the beauty of emails. Recipients can share your email to other people simply by pressing the forward button. With just one click, your email can go viral. Your email recipient can help you spread information about your business or about current promotions you have for your products and services.

Email Marketing helps you drive better sales conversions

You can send recipients a series of emails that will help you close the deal. Email marketing is designed in such a way that sales conversion is the ultimate goal. Campaigns are fast with emails with a usual turnaround time of 48 hours.

Email software usually has an Opt-out or unsubscribe option

You don’ have to worry about sending redundant emails to uninterested people. Most email software has the unsubscribe option that recipients can use should they prefer not to receive any emails from you.  This is also advantageous to you as the marketer and business owner since it allows you to shortlist your potential customer.

Emails are effective Calls to Action


People generally visit a website with a purpose. They could be looking for more information about the goods and services you are selling. By sending them emails as soon as they subscribe to your email list, the probability of closing that sale is high since people normally have an impulsive compunction to buy when they see something they want.

Emails are immediate and interactive

The moment you press the send button on your email, your recipients will be able to receive the email immediately. It just takes a few seconds for the World Wide Web to send your emails. Your customers also can email you back should they need some clarifications or additional questions about your business. You can also reply as soon as you receive such inquiry, so your correspondence with your prospects is immediate and interactive.

Wrapping it Up

Statistics does not lie. Silverpop, one of the subsidiaries of IBM, has conducted the 2015 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study and they have found out that transactional emails are really effective in taking note of the different actions your customers are doing on your website. According to the study, this type of emails is opened twice as often as others.

Last year’s statistics also tell you a lot about how effective email marketing is. It has an ROI of 4300%. Almost a third of email marketing recipients open the email because of catchy subject lines, 66% of online consumers aged 15 and up in the US purchase products they found in email marketing messages. Plus promotional emails are the reason there’s an outstanding 70% rate of mobile purchases,

The results are excellent. Hone your email marketing skills now and acquire new customers for your business.


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