How to Drive Traffic with Roundup Posts

How to Drive Traffic with Roundup Posts

Roundup posts are the trend in social media channels these days. This is one of the most direct ways of curation. Curation is defined in today’s social media context by Neicole Crepeau on Convince and Convert as the science and art of searching and sharing content of good quality on a specific topic of interest. It aids readers to understand a certain industry, person, event, product, or service. Usually, titles of these posts include a number referring to the discussion points in the post.


A roundup blog post is comprised of responses from experts in the specified topic being featured. Influential bloggers are among those who are generally referred to, answering a question in relation with their forte. Those who use roundup posts effectively attract much engagement in various social media circles. You might want to get started or improve the way you formulate your roundup posts with the basic tips:

#1 Choose the Right Topic

choose the right topic

Deciding on the topic you want to tackle on is key to creating engaging roundup posts. You should consider not only what you want to post, but also what your audience wants to know and what experts in the field are interested in responding to. You have to remember that driving traffic to your blog maximizes the use of all the resources you have, particularly human resources. They are your networks to make your post go viral.

You have several options for choosing the topic of interest for your next round up post. Make sure that the topic is relatable with your target audience, and you can go online through email inquiry, checking your own blog comments, and reading conversations on forums and communities related with your niche to know. Going through blogs of experts on your potential topics may also give you an idea what hasn’t been discussed yet, or take on a certain topic on a different angle.

In general, you have to be able to make the roundup post serve as a long-term benefit to all the stakeholders. You have to make the topic specific and simple, yet as interesting as possible. Making your blog one of the top results in popular search engines will also make you and your post more credible.

#2 Select the Right Contacts

right contacts

Identifying and connecting with the experts within your niche is a vital step in making your roundup posts. Generally, you would want someone who is an authority with a vast experience in the field. You can look at the posts that they have created and shared, as a good sharing history will not only help you get input from experts but also gain insight for your future posts. You might also want to consider looking at the number of followers they have and engage with, as their audience might also be or become your potential audience.

For reference, you may want to check on interview sites and Podcasts featuring experts you might want to ask for insight on your roundup post. Once you have identified the influential people you want to contact, contact them personally with an email invitation. Be brief, concise yet interesting enough for a busy person to take the time to respond to.

Your future roundup post contributors may be classified into several types for your convenience. The niche experts are your ultimate go-to people, with their popularity on most blogs and are constantly featured in other roundups. Cross-channel or cross niche experts are those who made a name for themselves in other social media channels and niches related to your pursued topic. You can also take a leaf from the rising star bloggers as they have proven the quality of their blogs interesting enough to promote their content to their followers.

#3 Promote Your Post

promote your post

Promotion is another essential factor in driving traffic with roundup posts. As mentioned earlier, the counterintuitive method of curating content by roundup posts mean you refer to others more knowledgeable in the field to keep your readers coming back to your blog. Though the traffic may not be similar to the traditional ones you acquire from your other blogs forms or your other social media accounts, you will find yourself creating significant relationships with your target audience.

Your source’s audience will most likely create a certain amount of traffic to your roundup post, but that should not make you complacent with your promotions. Using your email contacts is definitely an effective way to promote your roundup post. Knowing something as personal as an email address signifies a sort of intimacy you have with the person, thus also giving you more confidence to share your post especially if you are still a neophyte in the industry or in the topic itself. You can also maximize your other social media accounts as your network in those platforms can attract other potential blog audience as well.

With the surge of wonderful ideas and potential blog posts, you may have quite a number of posts you want to post as soon as possible. Keep in mind that pacing is important, even in promotion. You would want to keep the readers constantly wanting for more, but not be overwhelmed with too much at the same time. Automation software such as Mass Planner will also aid in scheduling your posts in various social media platforms to get more traffic in your blog and improve the quality of your blog as a whole.

Wrapping it up

These are very basic roundup posting points, but are oftentimes being overlooked to drive more traffic. Going back to the fundamentals is important since the foundation of your post sets an impression with the kind of blogger you are. You want to belong to the popular ones, but stand out as the brand you have made for yourself and your blog.

Your consistency in your niche and style of writing is important since gaining much traffic does not happen over one post. It comes with your dedication in delivering the best input for your audience, the most advantageous return for your chosen expert, and your desire to make yourself on top of the roundup post contacts of other bloggers.


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