Content Marketing Trends for 2016

Content Marketing Trends for 2016

You’ve seen a lot of content marketing trends come and go in 2015 and at one time or another; you have used them to promote your business. You’ve probably relied so much on your social media networks for your website’s traffic. You’ve done regular promotions on your Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You probably even used Pinterest, Instagram, and Stumble Upon a few times. You’ve seen the power of social media in driving traffic to your site.

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable and reliable content to attract, promote and drive business to your site. An effective content marketing strategy will do wonders for your business. It is that one essential factor that will make your business or brand be recognized and get it off the ground.

As we are about to end 2015, you have probably wondered what content marketing trends will reign supreme in 2016. Do you think you will see the same old trends that have dominated the market in the past few years?

Listed below are the fearless forecasts of the Content Marketing Trends that will make it big in 2016:

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#1 More personalized and valuable posts

What sets a great article from a mediocre one is in its value. Articles of the same topic or keywords are so many; you have to set your post apart from the rest. One skill that you should really hone is the ability to create personalized posts that will compel the reader to read the full article instead of just skimming through its content.

So how would you go about it? It’s pretty straightforward. Start writing posts that look like you are trying to have a private conversation with your audience. As audience’s tastes have become discerning, you must be able to set the tone of your article to be more engaging and more centered on what your readers want and what they need.

#2 Freemiums now have a life expectancy rate

Limited offers and limited free access to tools are just some of the reasons that people sign up on your websites. While this may convert to future sales when the free trial expires, this should be one marketing strategy that will slowly lose its importance. The reason for this is simple.

Social media platforms are now asking you to pay when you want access to additional information or features. LinkedIn allows only premium members to have full access to their site. Even Twitter and Facebook are asking you to pay when you want to use additional key features of their platform. These social media platforms will look for ways to monetize their business and as a smart content marketer; this should be your marketing strategy for your brand to stay relevant.

#3 Email Marketing will gain more importance

Email marketing is not dead like what was predicted of it to happen a few years back. In fact, it will never lose its relevance because 92% of consumers have at least one email address and use it often. 90% of people prefer to receive offers about special deals, discounts, and updates on their email instead of their Facebook accounts.

For 2016, you should try updating your email list, look for an automation software that could help you out and plan a strategy revolving on maximizing email marketing.

#4 Mobile Marketing will become more popular

mobile marketing

More and more people prefer to use their mobile phones when surfing the net compared to using their laptops and computers. As this trend is expected to increase, ensure that your site can be accessed via mobile phones, are responsive and won’t lose any of its pages. Being mobile ready is very important in 2016.

Also, if you are selling products or tools that can be used online, you should make it possible also for these things to be accessed via mobile phones. The mobile smartphone is simply one of the best inventions of the 21st century, and it is wise to design your marketing strategy to include maximizing its functionality.

#5 Asking help from industry leaders and influencers

When searching for information online, do you often come across websites that have posts written by guest contributors? Asking help from industry leaders and influencers is one way to boost ratings and credibility of your site especially when you are still trying to establish a remarkable online presence for your brand. Asking these influencers to write guest posts on your website about their expertise will surely help increase traffic to your site.

If asking these people to write articles (paid or otherwise) might be a tad difficult for you, what you can do is interview them and quote them on your article.

#6 Visual Content is the Content Marketing of choice

Visual content would become the thing of the future. More marketers will focus on creating visual content, and fewer texts, to engage more people. While lengthy articles would provide an in-depth information about the topic on hand, more people prefer a visual presentation of the article.

There are different types of visual content that you can use- infographics and memes are some of the popular type of visual content that you can use. If you are not that confident that you can create visual content on a professional level, it might be a good idea for you to hire someone to do the layout and design of your visual content. You can always outsource designers who can do the job for you on a per project basis.

#7 Live Streaming is the Next IN thing

Live streaming is the live video and audio coverage of content, activity or an event. And this is something that you might want to focus on. Doing this is not that difficult as there are live video streaming platforms that you can use like Periscope, Blab and Meerkat.  The use of live streaming will allow for a real-time interaction and a more personalized customer experience.

Wrapping it Up

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Too many trends have come and gone, and there are also trends that have stayed relevant all through the years. While these are just predictions to what marketers think will be the trend for 2016, it is also very important to remember and to continue the tried and tested content marketing techniques of the past.

As a marketer, you must use a variety of content marketing types and see what works for you and your business.

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