Biggest Trending Topics On Social Media for 2015

Biggest Trending Topics On Social Media for 2015

Social media is every business owner and marketer’s best friend. Want to know what the biggest trending topics are for 2015? In just a few weeks we bid goodbye to a remarkable year for social media.

So what were the biggest movers and shakers of 2015 for social media? Were the trends the same like last year? Or were there many significant changes?

Here are the biggest social media trending topics of 2015:

Essential social media networks must-haves are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

A survey was conducted on 3720 social media marketers from all around the world. They were asked to  rank the three most essential tools/platforms they use for marketing. These are the results

  • Facebook, 93%
  • Twitter, 79%
  • LinkedIn, 71%

These platforms will continue to enjoy their popularity. Why? Simply because they answer the needs of almost all marketers. Facebook is the biggest social media network with 1.5 billion users. Its reach is really far and wide. The audience is a little bit broad. But if you want something to go viral then posting it on Facebook is a sure- fire way to get your post recognized.

Twitter, on the other hand, with its 140 character limit, is a favorite of marketers. This is because it is the perfect platform to curate portions of your articles.  You can post intriguing quotes and FYIs. LinkedIn is the preferred meeting place of professionals so your target audience is clearly defined here.

Each of these platforms has something to offer. Facebook has Ads and Nearby. You can create business pages and groups. Twitter also has Ads and Polls. LinkedIn has ads and their publishing tool, Pulse, that industry leaders and well known personalities love to use. All of them are great platforms to use in sharing your content.

Privacy issue concerns still rank the highest concern for consumers

privacy issues

Remember that incident with Ashley Madison? When its website was hacked and the threat of the names and other confidential information in their database will be released to the public? Who would not be paranoid especially when that website with the very catchy slogan “Life is short, have an affair” encourages infidelity?

The internet thrives on anonymity. That’s why when threats of identity or confidential information such as credit card details and addresses are exposed, people get very afraid. That’s why more and more people are wary of giving out personal information online because of privacy issues and concerns.

With so many hacking incidents (Ashley Madison was just the biggest and the most shocking), developers of the many social media platforms are working double time to ensure that whatever security system they are using are not easily over-ridden by hackers and scammers.

These people would love to get hold of sensitive information that they can use for their own nefarious benefits. These networks must be able to appease every user’s concern regarding security and privacy issues.

Videos are now easier to make, share and use

First we have video channels and video sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and Instagram. Then we have video streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat and Blab.

Next we have video chat platforms like Snap Chat, Glide and ooVoo. It is no wonder that videos have become really popular.

V-blogging (video blogging) and even Podcasting has been made possible with these apps. Live streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat and Blab have even made video making more fun.

In fact, videos as visual content are being shared more than the traditional form of content. What’s not to like about it especially when it’s easier to create a two minute social video compared to a thousand word article?

Go mobile or go bust

Mobile is another social media trend that has gotten bigger this year. In fact in recent statistics, more people are accessing social media sites using mobile devices. And people do more than updating their profiles on smart phones. They even check and answer emails, watch videos and do their online purchases on mobile.

There are several important statistics about mobile that you should know. There are 900 million users who access Facebook via mobile. 80% of Twitter users use their mobile devices to access the website. 50% of LinkedIn users use smart phones to access their accounts.

With this shift towards mobile, marketers could not stress enough the importance in ensuring that your social media accounts and websites are mobile ready. Being mobile capable means better outcome for your business in terms of engagement and sales.

It is not just enough to focus on your web based networks. Equal importance must be given to mobile marketing in order for you and your business to stay relevant.

The explosion of instant messaging applications

instant messaging

Majority of people are glued to the internet- even the younger generation are no exception to this hence messaging application like What’s App, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Line and WeChat are really popular. In fact, according to an infographic from MFDG Advertising, 6 out of the 10 most popular apps used globally are messaging applications.

So what’s nice about these instant messaging applications? It allows for real time communication with other people no matter what part of the globe they might be in. It’s convenient as these apps are easily downloadable to mobile devices and desktops. Plus most of these apps can be downloaded for free. Most of these even have call and video calling capabilities so users save on costly phone bills.

Instant messaging apps make it easy for people to stay connected to other people at all times.

Wrapping it Up

It can’t be denied that social media has played an integral part in online marketing. Often times, it has little or no cost at all compared to other forms of advertising. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to your business to maximize the benefits you can get from the different social media networks available.

You must keep abreast of the latest trends and apply it to your business. Your existing and future customers are also internet savvy. They use the web to check on the latest trends so keeping your business up to date with the latest social media trends will be good for you.

social media trends


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