The Beginner’s Guide to AB Testing For Your Website

The Beginners Guide to AB Testing For Your Website

If you didn’t already know, AB testing is a great method if you want to figure out what would be the ultimate way to promote and market your company online. Most people don’t know it, but it’s used to test a variety of things like search ads, possibly sales emails, and even website copy. Though it might take a bit of your time, more than other techniques in testing, it’ advantages make up for that.

Let’s put it this way, if you are starting out on a design for your web page to help sell and promote a product ultimately you will want to sell as many of those products as possible. The thing is, you might be having difficulty turning your subscribers into actual customers who will buy your product. You could get off by showing some entertaining videos or have demonstrations or even the typical practice of providing a lot of information on the product. However, you are stuck on which you should actually go with. This is the time to take a hint and consider asking your subscribers for some feedback on what you should do, without actually having to ask them.

So how exactly do you plan AB testing?

ab testing

To start things off, you need to figure out what exactly it is you want to test. This could be what we call either an “on-site test” or an “off-site test”. With AB testing, doing an on-site test means you will have to focus and gather specs on sales-related aspects of your site, and then decide which of these aspects you’ll be testing. However with an off-site test, this means you will most likely be focusing on ads or sales emails. You’ll get to find out which of your ads bring in traffic that helps with your advertising efforts. With the help of this, you’ll then figure out which ads you should be spending more on. It’s the same for emails, if you pick out a list randomly and send two versions of the email to it; you can test which actually works and stick with sending that version out to the rest of your email listing.

When you figure out what you want to test with A/B testing, it’s time to start making a list of all the variables. You need to have a straightforward idea on what results you are actually looking for. This means you need to have clear knowledge of the results that you currently have. You’ll need to test both options A and B, so that you can figure out which one will give you better results.

A/B testing needs to be done simultaneously so that you can account for everything in your timeline. These kinds of tests can’t be done on separate days, simply because you can’t come up with the factors that could have changed in between a certain time frame. You’ll have to practice splitting your traffic so that you can see the variations simultaneously.

A list of things you can test:


There is a variety of different things you can test with A/B testing to see their effectiveness on your website. Not just sticking with design elements, but there is also a whole listing of other testable variants. With A/B testing if you test these variables properly, you can increase your conversion rates and traffic significantly, and even multiply them at a peak rate.

“Headline”: This is what will grab your subscribers attention and get them to continue following your site. You can test things like different wording arrangements and even multiple text sizes to see which works best.

“Call to Action Text”: Many people don’t consider this but the exact words you use in this text have a great impact on your sites ratings. This could deliver you over 100% more traffic than usual.

“Call to Action Position”: This text has a big impact on your site’s conversion. This is basically what you would do to test various body copy positions.

“Call to Action Style”: Your style will include things like text links or buttons, size and color. This should be tested separately to get you the surest of results.

“Copy Length”: This will make you take into consideration that the format and the length of your body copy have a great impact on how many subscribers will technically read it. You will have to test various formats separately and simultaneously to see which ones work best.

“Images”: The images you choose to use with your content are commonly known to contribute greatly to site conversions and ratings. This is more importantly so when you are promoting and selling your company’s’ products, you will want to test which ones are more effective and which format is best used.

“Various Offers”: You will want to try out your multiple offers to check which will be best for your product. Set various offers but with almost the same value like free shipping or 10% shipping and see which will get your product more traffic.

Wrapping it up

the test

Once you have a list of the multiple variants you want to test with A/B testing, come up with a strategy to test them. You will only be able to test each of these variants at a time, so you will need to have a planned out map before you start. You will want to make sure everything is tested properly to get the best results when using AB testing.

The moment you have your strategy all mapped out, you can then look for the tools needed to help you have successful tests. This will help you test your skills in decision making and strategy refining. A/B testing is now a method used by many to improve their site conversions and ratings to achieve growth. More and more companies are taking the chance with practicing AB testing so that they can improve their sales and gain more traffic.

When well planned, AB testing will help to make an effective impact on all your marketing practices. You will be separating the most effective variants from others to help your promotions and to gain more profit for your company.


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