7 Link Building Techniques To Get More Subscribers Today

7 Link Building Techniques To Get More Subscribers Today

Want to generate more leads for your business?

Want to tweak your website and add some link building techniques?

Well, get ready to be pumped up because here are 7 link building techniques to get more subscribers today.

But first, let us define what link building is. It is said to be “the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.” If you didn’t see it yet, let me try again.

Link build is linking to a high ranking website like this, to try and increase chances of this website ranking high in search engines. Let us now provide you with these link building techniques to get you more subscribers today.

#1 Creating Valuable Content

link building

Create informative blogs and spread it out like wildfire through social media. It is a sure way to build your own brand by being shared, distributed, tweeted, mentioned, retweeted, and talked about.

Post your article links on all social media accounts you have. Do it manually or with the help of automation tools. Use automation tools to send a DM about your links or to schedule your posts on your social media accounts.

No need to beg to share your article or to retweet it. If you have valuable content, then it gets out there. As a result, you get backlinks naturally. This technique takes time and could test your patience, but Google has not killed this technique even if it has been ongoing for years. Because it works.

#2 Using the Landing Page Funnel Technique

landing page

What is a landing page? It is also known as the “lead capture page” or a single page where a link can “land” to when you click on a certain link on a website. It is usually fully optimized and is highly engaging to your target audience.

It could have link building techniques like content upgrade popup which could have a subscribe option or “type your e-mail for more” option, and then it is sure to boost the number of your subscribers.

This technique goes hand in hand with #1, because what are your amazing content for? A space to put your landing page links. And if technique number 1 works, this LPF technique is sure to follow.

#3 Using the “Opt-In” portion on your Web Forms

What does the “Opt-In” portion of your web forms do? It engages your subscribers to confirm their subscription or perhaps enter in their email pages. In doing so, follow up is needed. Never forget to send those “Almost Done” emails and ask your subscribers to confirm their subscription.

Provide them reasons why they should confirm their emails or subscriptions. Motivate them. Send in a strong call to action or provide visualization of what they can benefit when they opt-in. This opt-in technique can also be used to collaborate with the #2 technique since it is perfect for your landing pages.

#4 Communicate with Others

You’re not the only one out there who wants to incorporate link building techniques into their strategy to get more subscribers. Communicate with others from your industry. Do guest posting or comment on their articles and posts leaving a link to your fabulous content out there.

Be helpful to others and provide valuable content to your guest postings. Be clear and informative in your articles. When others trust you, then you usually earn a backlink from them. And of course, it goes both ways.

#5 Include Infographics

People are easily bored these days and prefer a much lively approach to their readings or social media posts. This is where infographics come in. Show data visualizations and provide graphical displays. Communicate information in a much enjoyable manner.

Not only will your content get the attention, it gets shared on social media. And once it is shared on social media, it goes back to #1. Your post will be considered a valuable content worthy of link building.

#6 Use the Right Tools

right tools

Do you have a good number of followers on Twitter? If so, then it is time to use Lead Generation Cards. These makes your subscribers signing up to your mailing list really simple. How does this work? Simple.

When someone clicks on your Twitter post that includes a Lead Generation Card, they will see what you are offering and their contact information is already pre-populated. This makes sending their emails to you, in just one click. Lead Generation Card will simply grab their email from their Twitter account.

So make use of that large following in Twitter and add Lead Generation Card to your link building techniques to get more subscribers today.

#7 Entice your Subscribers


Give out bonuses to your new subscribers. Give them something that they soon will want some more. These people, of course, go to your landing pages with all the opt-in options. Share your resources with your subscribers and they are bound to share these with their network as well.

People nowadays don’t want to miss anything out. They make use of all available resources they could find. If it is free, the better. Think about it, they will pay for good content, they will sure want those valuable free resources.

Wrapping It Up

Create something that your target audience wants. Share information on your articles, but not too much. Let them crave for more. Then be sure to provide them with the option to include themselves in your subscriber list. Show them what they are missing out on. If they don’t convert then simply follow-up on them.

Provide well-optimized landing pages. Be conscious of what works and what doesn’t. Entice them to put in their e-mail addresses. If not, then use automation for your social media post to get your links out. Or use the proper tools to automatically fill out the forms for them. Make your subscription option just a click away.

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