7 Blogs That Help You Master Social Media Marketing

7 Blogs That Help You Master Social Media Marketing

Blogs that help you master social media marketing provide information, insights, strategies, and tips to help you with your online endeavors. Developers of these blogs have had experiences which may not be directly related with marketing, but certainly give a fresh perspective on taking on marketing matters. Read on 7 of our recommended blogs to help you with your brand.

#1 Seth Godin

Seth Godin

Seth Godin has an amazing blog to help you master social media marketing. His brilliance made him an author of 18 bestsellers which have been translated into more than 35 languages worldwide. Some of his literary work include Tribes, Purple Cow, and The Dip. He is a noted speaker as well, hosting TED Talks which have gone viral especially in the marketing scene. He is also the founder of Squidoo and Yoyodyne.

His blog can help you master social media marketing since his blog is one of the most popular worldwide. His passion on the post-industrial evolution, spreading of ideas, leadership, marketing, change, and even quitting is seen in his work. He is also the author of the most successful book project yet during his book series launch in Kickstarter.

#2 Brain Pickings

brain pickings

Brain Pickings will certainly pick your brain to help you master social media marketing. This is the brainchild of Maria Popova, who single-handedly runs the website at present. Her writing experiences goes back to her work for Wired UK, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard. Currently, she is an MIT Features writer of the Entertainment Fellow.

This is Popova’s subjective take on various disciplines, and interconnecting them is something you can learn from to help you master social media marketing. She gives such a personal touch to the content as it becomes a sort of record on how different aspects of her being influence her becoming a person. Her blog has already crossed major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tubm1r.

#3 Four Hour Work Week

The 4 Hour Work Week Blog

The Four Hour Work Week blog can help you master social media marketing as well. Timothy Ferriss is the man behind this, and you may have known him for his 4-time The New York Times Best Seller The 4-Hour work Week. He has been hailed by various major publications including one of the Most Innovative Business People by Fast Company. He is an advisor/angel investor to more than 20 companies. Aside from his books and blog, he also has a trending podcast and television show.

This blog can help you master social media marketing as Ferriss shares content worth listening to. Several of the world’s most innovative organizations and institutions, which include Harvard Business School, Google, and even the Central Intelligence Agency have trusted him to deliver talks. He also spoke during world-renowned technology summits including FOO Camp and Web 2.0 Exposition.

#4 Marketing Land

Marketing Land

Another blog to help you master social media marketing is Marketing Land. This publishes useful aspects of the digital marketing industry. This include industry trends, breaking stories, feature announcements, and product changes at various popular platforms utilized by digital marketers to get to their consumers online.

This blog to help you master social media marketing also features contributions from experts in various digital marketing disciplines. The contributed articles include practical tactics, tips, and strategies to come up and manage successful marketing programs. You can also check out Marketing Land’s sister publication, Search Engine Land, for more relevant information.

#5 Blog Tyrant

Blog Tyrant

Master social media marketing by going through Blog Tyrant. Ramsay Taplin came up with this initiative a few years ago where he blogged anonymously for almost 2 years. During his anonymity, he grew the blog to more than 10,000 subscribers, got engagements in top blogs, was featured in a books of popular internet marketers. In June 2012, he became the only blogger to garner a guest spot in ViperChill and revealed his identity.

Taplin’s blog was designed to help you master social media marketing, and empower others to develop successful blogs and online businesses as he did. A portion of what the blog is making goes to charity to give more meaning to this work. The community that this blog has established empower its members as well.

#6 Video Fruit

Video Fruit

Video Fruit can help you master social media marketing. Bryan Harris has been an entrepreneur since his early years, and the ups and downs of his experiences has helped him become effective in what he is doing now. He started his video production in college back in 2002, got derailed from this endeavor, and got into it again recently. He has made hundreds of videos for himself and for other people.

This blog will help you master social media marketing by learning from Harris how to make and use videos to boost your business. Aside from this, he also has content to develop other necessary growth skills for your business. These skills include content developing, writing, and email.

#7 Mass Planner Blog

Mass Planner

Mass Planner Blog can definitely help you master social media marketing. They have a wide range of topics which help you with your various social media accounts, even your blog and website as well. Their team of knowledgeable writers come up with interesting topics to help you improve your online presence, and even help you address issues and concerns related with social marketing.

This blog to help you master social media marketing is part of Mass Planner, a scheduling application for social media marketers. It has several features which will help you increase your profit, and grow your social media accounts. Their team of professionals schedule your updates for future publication, find and automatically join groups in your niche, automatically share posts on Facebook groups, and automatically follow people in your niche. They value the relationships they have with their customers by not advertising their presence on your posts, and respond swiftly and reliably with your concerns.

Wrapping it up

These blogs that help you master social media marketing will give you interesting perspectives on the matter. Subscribe to their social media accounts to get a firsthand experience on their social media marketing strategies. You may also want to subscribe to exclusive content by providing your email address to the administrators.

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