5 Ways to Build Trust to Improve Website Conversions

5 Ways to Build Trust to Improve Website Conversions

The best way to improve website conversions is by building your visitor’s trust. Trust breeds productivity, empowerment, and motivation within your business, your partners, and your clients. As you maintain the trust you have established, this will help your visitors turn into your loyal clients.

Trust takes a while to build, but taking time and effort for it will definitely improve your website conversions. Zig Ziglar, famous sales guru of the times, said that there are only 4 reasons why people do not purchase from you: no need, no money, not in a hurry, and no trust. The first 3 mentioned are of your potential client’s concern, but the fourth factor only verifies what you need to. Read on 5 ways that we suggest to build trust to improve website conversions.

#1 Ensure Quality Content

Remember that a website is a communication tool, so be conscious of how you use it. You have to make the visitors of your website understand your business and what you have to offer. Also make it clear what benefits they’ll be having, how they will be getting their money’s worth on availing your product/service.

Provide quality information about your business and what you have to offer to build trust to improve website conversions. Make sure that what your visitors will invest on is something worth availing. Build up on your business’ and your product’s or service’s value by giving all the important information and visual aids (related images and videos) and to help them decide. Though 79% won’t go through everything, the 16% who do should be your market or part of it.

In communicating online, you should avoid the use of jargon to build trust to improve website conversion. There are those who visit your website within the industry you are in, but you have to remember that your target market may not know and even understand all the terms you use. Jargon may make you sound unapproachable, and make them feel stupid for not knowing what you are talking about. Though your competitors may use these on their own websites, you have to assert your identity to make your website as user-friendly as possible.

#2 Make Your Website Look Professional

Visual design is an important factor in building your client’s trust to improve website conversions. This is validated by 46.1% of those in the sample group in a Stanford University study on evaluating how users evaluate credibility of websites. Have your website designed looking professional, whatever the industry you are in. Professional does not mean stuck-up, but is appealing and easy to navigate in.

Pay attention to elements that make your website look top quality to improve website conversions. Some of the notable elements include spacing, color, layout, typography, images and video quality, menu options, and overall theme. Another important factor is your website’s loading time. You may choose to optimize image sizes, combine codes into a central CSS or Javascript file, and minify the aforementioned and HTML.

Websites are now accessed from multiple devices, and making it user-friendly for any device is another way to build trust to improve website conversions. Aside from various screen sizes, there are also different operating systems which power these devices. To address these, you can build your website in a responsive layout that can adjust to different screen widths. You may also tap web developers to create a website optimized specifically for mobile users and compatible with various software.

Simple and easy navigation builds trust and improves website conversions as well. People engage in websites longer when it is easier for them to go around knowing more about your business and what it has to offer. Keep navigation tools easy to identify and at a minimum to avoid overwhelming your visitors.

#3 Be Easy to Contact

When clients can reach you easily, it is a way to build trust and legitimacy to improving website conversions. Post your official contact details for visitors to quickly find you to acquire information they need more than what you have posted on your website. In posting your physical address, you can incorporate the use of a desktop web mapping service with satellite imagery like Google Maps. By providing your official e-mail address, mobile numbers, and phone numbers, your visitors can see how open you are to engaging with your customers and potential clients.

There are common ways for your contact information to be seen to improve website conversion. One option is placing these in the header/main navigation. Another option is also having a separate “Contact Us” page. You can also add contact information to static headers and/or footers.

You can transcend having anonymous visitors by having forms ready for your visitors to fill up to improve website conversion. When they are willing to supply pertinent details to get information from you, it shows that they want to have a deeper relationship with your business. You can make your own template which you can customize with information needed for your response. Some websites have drop-down selections to classify the subjects of their visitor’s concerns and inquiries.

As you receive inquiries and feedback, answering to these and following up is another way to build trust. Each interaction your visitors present is a potential business opportunity. Responding in a prompt and professional manner shows a lot of respect for the person who interacted with you. After-sales care also shows your concern for the welfare of your client and a great way to know how to make your business better.

#4 Feature Your Customers

Letting your audience know who you have done business with is another powerful way to improve website conversions. It’s a way of showing your presence in your industry, actively placing your website on the map. There are several ways for you to do this, and it is wise to understand these 2 we are about to suggest.

One way to improve website conversions is featuring logos and images of your clients. You will be able to build more rapport with visitors to your site as you display clients with good reputations, consequently improves your reputation as well. As businesses who can be trusted, these clients already have significant influence and impact in your industry. You can tap to their clients to show how you are trusted enough to conduct business with them.

Another way of featuring your customers to improve website conversions is showing the value you have provided to your customers. You can take tips from payment processor company Stripe, whose clients are mostly startups and small businesses. Hovering an image of their client displays the benefits they have gotten, the value they have been given, and the improvements they have achieved since they have engaged with Stripe.

You also need to consider several things in featuring customers if your goal is to improve your website conversions. There may be companies who do not want to have their logos displayed, as this may be used by their competitors to steal their clients, so it is best that you let them aware of how you want their partnerships with them to be. The more elements you place on your homepage, the higher the tendency is for division of attention from your website to your client’s websites. Conduct tests, preferably a split test, to see if it increases or decreases your conversions.

#5 Show Proof Your Business Claims

Putting your client’s claims strengthens your business’ claims, thus building trust and implicitly improving your website’s conversions. There are different ways which proof can be gathered and presented, of which you can use independently or combine to accommodate to your business. As you gather feedback, it is inevitable that you will get negative comments as well. You can check on some tips on responding to negative comments on social media so you can use these to your advantage in strengthening the name of your brand.

Social proof is the fastest way to build trust to improve website conversions. Third party proof shows that your business and what you are offering can be trusted. Make sure that you lay out these carefully to reduce friction for visitors, and thus paving a way for a more comfortable engagement in the future.

Testimonials are the most popular forms of proof that can help improve website conversions. Reinforce the verification of your customer’s claims by giving the name and picture of the actual person, who is most likely part of your target market. By featuring someone who your target market can relate with, it also makes you see that your business reaches to the right demographic.

Tests and case studies are also effective in increasing website conversion since these undergo a scientific method of deducting its results. You can have this done on your own, by an impartial third party, and/or by a reputable university for authenticity. Speaking of third parties, you can also post their reviews on your business. For those who have dedicated articles related to your business, you can post the links to those as well.

Wrapping it Up

These 5 ways to build trust and to improve website conversions will help all the stakeholders garner benefits from your business. You have to clearly and effectively send your message across those in the industry and your target market, and present it online in a manner which is easily accessible for all. It is also vital for you to be contacted without much difficulty for anything which can help you improve and develop further your brand. As you garner feedback and gather validation for your brand, make sure that you are able to handle it properly to further maintain trust.

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