5 Quick Ways To Get Blog Posts Ideas

5 Quick Ways To Get Blog Posts Ideas

No matter how passionate you are about your niche, there will be days when you run out of topics to discuss and would need help for blog posts ideas.

Writer’s block, lack of topics or subject matters to discuss are just some of the reasons why running out of blog post ideas are pretty common problems. SEO wise, you should also shy away from talking about the same topic too frequently.

Here are just some tips so you’ll never run out of  blog posts ideas for your website.


#1 Create a schedule of posts you would want to go live on your website

schedule posts

A good SEO and publicity plan is to map out and schedule the frequency of your posts. Avoid posting anything on a whim. If possible, you must outline your topics on schedule for the month. Doing this, would already give you blog posts ideas you can write about.

If your website is about a particular niche, it would be best to plan out topics you would like to discuss for the month. The following questions must be answered- how often do you want to post on your website? What do you want to talk about? It’s better when your articles are somewhat related to each other instead of just posting anything on a whim.

A good example for this is a recipe blog. You can say for this month, you would talk about Spanish cuisine. You could have your first post about History of the Spanish cuisine. Your succeeding posts then would be dedicated to one particular dish that’s well Googled.

Writing posts would become easier when you already have the keywords planned out. Hence the importance of creating a schedule.

#2 Know what popular blog posts ideas sell

ideas that sell

Always remember the reason why you are writing articles for your blog- and that is to create traffic to your site. So you should know what type of articles sell. Lists and how to’s are just some popular blog post ideas.

Lists could come in the form of a bucket list, a best of the best list or a top ten list of something. How to’s are equally as popular as it usually involves detailed instructions (complete with matching images and even videos in some cases) about a particular topic.

Other useful blog post ideas include FAQs which are good if you are rendering services. Research and statistical posts are usefol for a detailed and qualitative approach of the topic on hand. Pros and cons type of posts are great in giving the advantages and disadvantages of a particular concern or product.

#3 When in doubt, ask your audience

ask the audience

What better way to know what blog posts ideas will work than asking your audience directly what they want to read from your blog? After all, the reason your website was created in the first place was simply because you need to entice them to give your business a try. A high traffic on your site usually means better conversion for your business.

There are so many ways to ask your audience for blog posts ideas. You can provide a comments section where they could also give out suggestions on topics you could write about in your future posts. You can send them a survey using third party tools like Survey Monkey. You could also give them a call or talk to them personally when they visit your shop or store.

Asking your audience is ensuring that your blog posts ideas would be accepted well by your readers.

#4 Know the competition


A good website owner knows how to do his homework and take advantage of it. If you’re new or struggling with your business, it is best to know how your competition is doing. Check how his website is doing. Read through the comments section and see how his audience react to his posts. Learn which blog posts have high traffic.

Learn to replicate the things your competition is successful in doing but NEVER try to borrow or copy their content. The purpose of checking the competition is to know their strengths and weaknesses.  Your competitors did not stay on the top without any strategic plan. Check their business and their website thoroughly and look for ways on how you can apply their strategies to your site.

#5 Use the Internet

use the internet

The internet is one of the greatest inventions of history. It sure has made communications so much easier. You no longer have to wait for days for a response to the letter you sent someone across the globe. No more worries about costly long distance calls. Everything nowadays is instant. You click send on an email and you only need to wait a few minutes for you to receive a reply from someone else from the other parts of the globe providing that he was able to receive it the moment you pressed send.

The internet is also a fountain of information for almost everything. You do not need to go to the library to do research about a certain topic. It is also the best source for blog posts ideas.

There are keyword analysis tools that will help you generate the most trending or the most popular keywords on a particular niche. You can also visit other websites of the same niche such as yours. You can even use Google to help you out in looking for topics and ideas you can write about.

Wrapping it up

In order to have a successful blog, you must plan and strategize how you go about distributing content. Nothing should be taken too lightly. Even the time and the frequency of your article posting matters. Try to come up with a detailed strategic plan that will help you achieve high traffic for your site.

It hasn’t been stressed that much but content is really king that’s why blog posts ideas should be taken seriously.

Have a nice day!


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