5 Benefits of “Social Proof” And How To Use It To Attract Customers

5 Benefits of Social Proof And How To Use It To Attract Customers

Are you looking for ways on how to use social proof to attract customers?

Then you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you the types of social proof and as you can read in the title, the 5 benefits of social proof and how to use it to attract customers. But what is a social proof?

A social proof is a psychological phenomenon where a prominent figure influences others to the decision of a much larger group. Sometimes a person is unsure of something, perhaps what to buy or where to go to, and then he sees someone who believes about a certain product or a place and will follow the decision of that someone thinking that their decision is more accurate than his.


Basically, a social proof is a very effective way of pushing your online visitors for a conversion once you showed them that there are other people like them who are already benefiting from the product and are garnering the results. Social Proof can help you in so many ways.

There are 5 types of Social Proof:

  • From an Expert – wherein a known specialist voiced out their opinion about a restaurant or perhaps endorses a product to influence others.
  • From Celebrities – this has been ongoing as you can see from billboards or TV ads and now in social media when a celebrity might wear a certain brand to show their preference and the people gets convinced to buy the same brand.
  • From Users – most commonly seen on websites as product reviews or testimonials where someone uses a social-networking platform and announces to the website that they have already tried the product and is enjoying their purchase.
  • From the Crowd – as seen on most if not all titles on websites like the “top 10 list” or “voted most popular by” bit on each landing pages.
  • From Friends – most commonly known as “word of mouth”


Now how do we use these social proofs to attract customers?

#1 Through Reviews & Testimonials

If you are buying from an e-commerce business, then you would see that each of these websites has a “review” functionality to help provide social proof for new or repeating customers wherein others can gain more information about what they are getting.

These testimonials show that someone outside the brand is providing their objective opinion about something which makes them more credible.

Reviews are very powerful since most consumers would look for it before making a purchase. It is also a great way to increase your mailing list and perhaps provide discount codes for your customers to enjoy.

#2 Through Logos & Badges

Badges are sometimes called as certifications or seals which can be commonly seen on websites or most social-networking platform; it helps draw attention to your business if it shows that you are featured nationally or even locally since it shows that the majority believes in you.

You can also see it in print ads or media wherein a logo is included or mentioned by manufacturers and more often by celebrities.

#3 Social Media Mentions, Connections & Shares


Social media is very influential these days because most consumers have at least one account on any social media platform. These social media users, once familiar with your product or services, will veer towards trusting your business if they see someone mention it or shares information about it through social media.

There is certain leverage if your business has a large following and is getting enough social media attention. Utilize social media mentions, connections, and shares to provide social proof and convince your prospects that you are much preferred as compared to your competitors.

This social media mentions, connections, and shares will actually help in the growth of your business through postings and social media interactions. As you can see websites have widgets and plugins are very much available these days so take advantage of those. There are so many choices out there and social media can be relied upon to give your consumers a little bit of nudge in the right direction.

#4 User Statistics or Subscriber Counts

subscriber counts

This statistics or subscriber counts simply shows your new prospects how many people are interacting with you or engaging in your product. Remember that most people are more comfortable if they are with a crowd. So be sure to boast about the number of your followers and subscribers. Use these numbers to your advantage. It is showing how many others out there are sharing similar thoughts as theirs.

This will convert your online visitors to download your product, and or try it out at most. Or perhaps take action too like what the others have already done previously. Think big, but believably big. Show these numbers through pictures and site counters.

#5 Showing Test Results


Data collected from an independent and trusted source is an excellent type of social proof showing objective opinion about your product or services. People nowadays are more interested in the results in the hopes that they will get the same results. It adds a high amount of social proof and, of course, makes your consumers confident about your site.

Test results give out ideas as to how to use your product and show your consumers a visual idea as well. It will boost traffic for your website and people will actually be more impressed if they are not already.

Wrapping it Up

Social proof is not a new concept but has grown in proportion because of social media. It is much easier to use and there are more interactions as compared to before. So show those reviews and testimonials and provide your consumers more information about your business. Display those logos and badges and boast about your certifications.

Take advantage of those social media mentions, connections and shares since a large number of your target audience can still be reached, no more geographical boundaries. Boost those numbers and show people results and attract more customers with your high social proof.


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