11 SEO Tools That Every Blogger Need To Know

11 SEO Tools That Every Blogger Need To Know

Are you in a stump as to what SEO tools to use for your blog? Are you having a hard time with getting your blog a much needed boost?

Every blogger knows that blogging is such a time-consuming process because you need to maintain a daily regimen of posting, commenting, sharing and others. Search engine optimization aspects like keyword research, content sharing, backlink analysis etc, takes too much of your time and effort.

Unfortunately, many bloggers get so overwhelmed that they give up instead of embracing the monotonous tasks necessary for your blogging success. And I am sure that at one point of your blogging career, you’ve wondered as to what are the best tools that you could use to do those tedious tasks?

If you did, then you are not alone.

Blogging has evolved over the years, and there are now too many new platforms and tools that you could use for your blog to flourish. Most of the tools aren’t as useful as some, but there are a few.

Here are the 11 SEO tools that every blogger need to know to make your blogging journey a bit easier and more successful:


#1 Emails

One of the many SEO tools used for traffic source is email!

On the blogs of these seasoned bloggers, you will notice a lot of e-mail opt-ins once you enter their sites. You can use SEO tools like Bounce Exchange and OptinMonster for your own opt-in creations.

Once your mailing list is ready, you can send e-mails to your subscribers through service providers like GetResponse, MailChimp, or Aweber. You usually email your subscribers if you have a new blog post. But if you make more than three posts a week, best to email your subscribers weekly instead of every post you make.

#2 Google Analytics

Google analytics

Have you directly increased your search traffic because of Google Analytics? I think you haven’t yet.

So how can you increase your search traffic by using Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an SEO tool you simply can’t live without. It is highly recommended by network marketers that you begin maximizing Google Analytics and doing it as soon as possible. You can’t ignore Google Analytics since it is a data source that can provide high quality and detailed information.

Virtually all important data about site visitors, traffic, etc., comes from Google Analytics.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster are two SEO tools each blogger should have. Google Analytics lets you monitor and understand your blog traffic. Any blogger understands that knowing his or her audience is the key to success with blogging. Google Analytics lets you spy on what your followers are up to while they are scrolling through your website. You can also find out where your traffic is mostly coming from, or how long does your readers usually stay on your blog, and what posts your readers love most.

#3 Google Docs

This is one amongst the many SEO tools where you can write and store content and also check for any mistakes with grammar or spelling. There is also an advanced feature where you can easily change the HTML or CSS of the document and perhaps collaborate with other people, if in any case you need some help.

#4 Gmail, Google Calendar and Drive

Google Drive

A good blogger knows how to maximize the use of his email account to his advantage, and Gmail is not only a great free email account but is actually a great help that lets you organize your blogging world. Google’s calendar for example, allows you to manage your day-to-day schedule and helps in reminding you of all your important and upcoming deadlines and meetings. Google Drive is where you can save your published or unpublished posts.

#5 Google Adwords and Adsense

Google obviously controls almost all aspects of the internet world. Google is also known to provide some SEO tools that can help make any blogger’s easier. Google Adwords is one great free way to market your blog, or business through an online campaign. All you have to do is you provide some keywords from your website, and then what happens is that Google provides the platform to allow you to start gaining more recognition.

Google Adsense can actually help if you are looking for some fast cash. Just keep in mind that you will be selling your space for intrusive ad banners.

#6 Hello Bar

One way of boosting your email list is by having the Hello Bar on your website. It is that little bar you find on top of most DIY websites. It can easily grab your attention, and people enter their email addresses, and get what they want just like that.

#7 Dropbox Filesharing


It is easy and convenient. Dropbox is one popular SEO tool that lets you store things like images, pdf files, and Word Docs between your mobile devices and computers. You can also share files with someone. Dropbox is very easy to use. All you have to do is simply save your files in your Dropbox folder and sync them.

#8 Keyword Planner/

One of the best SEO tools is Keyword Planner. It lets you find and discover relevant keywords to optimize your content. You can also monitor and export your competition’s keywords for better website performance. Keyword Planner is now the primary way of researching for your keywords.

When you’re doing any keyword research, Keyword Planner is the place to start.

#9 Moz Toolbar

Moz Toolbar is an SEO tool that provides access to all important SEO metrics. It allows you to explore page elements, displays PR and domain rank, and also it shows social metrics.

#10 Copyscape

Copyscape is the best plagiarism detection software. Not only does it show any copyright issues on your articles, but it also let you see who is using your material.

#11 DISQUS commenting system


DISQUS is a commenting system that enables your users to easily comment on your posts. It keeps your followers engaged and it also provides social proof for your target audience.

Wrapping it Up

Here are the 11 SEO tools that every blogger need to know. Be sure to maximize the use of your emails and other free Google tools like analytic and drive and a lot more. Make use of a hello bar. To keep your files safe, use Dropbox.


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