10 Ways to Make Your Tweets More Shareable

10 Ways to Make Your Tweets More Shareable

For entrepreneurs, the internet is at your disposal for you to promote your business at little or no cost at all. There are so many social media platforms that you can use and Twitter happens to be one of the most reliable online tools available. The good thing about Twitter is it allows you a more personal interaction with your followers.

Twitter is not just limited to real time updates about your favorite celebrities or the latest news. Even ordinary individuals and businesses could get solid following in Twitter. If your business does not have a Twitter account yet, the first thing that you need to do is create an account. Have your business logo as the profile pic and your main product or service as your cover photo. Then in a few words write something about your business and never forget to include a link to your own website. Once done, then you can start following Twitter accounts.

So how can Twitter advertise your business and boost your sales? It’s very simple. You just need to get your Tweets noticed by the people onTwitter. If your tweet is interesting enough, it gets shared by these people and once this is done, your audience has been broadened to include people who have not followed you.

Make your tweets more shareable by following these 10 tips:

1. Schedule your tweets after office hours and during weekends.

There’s a perfect time for everything. Numerous researches indicate that tweets are being shared more after office hours and during weekends when people are not bothered with the workload. People tend to share once they have time on their hands. Start scheduling your tweets after 6 PM or during weekends.

That doesn’t mean though that you cannot post anything during office hours on weekdays. You can also schedule tweets during weekdays and the lunch break is the perfect time to do so since many people would prefer to play catch up on their social media accounts instead of taking cat naps or gossiping with their office mates.

2. Maximize your 140 characters limit

Unlike other social media platforms, the limit on Twitter can be a source of frustration for some. Use this to your advantage. You have your Facebook and blogs for kilometric descriptions about your product. For Twitter, use a few chosen keywords then a link to your article or website (if any) to entice your followers to share your tweets.

This will be the perfect opportunity for you to expand your vocabulary by substituting common words with other words with similar meanings. Do not use up all 140 character so your follower will have space for their RTs and additional comments.

3. Add hashtags

According to Wikipedia, a hashtag is

a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content.

The uses of hashtags are really important but try to limit your hashtags to 2-3 per tweets only. Overkill would only annoy your followers. To ensure a wider reach, you can always check what hashtags are trending currently and use whatever hashtag might be relevant to your business. That way, your post will be included when somebody would like to search for tweets using the specific hashtag used.

Also do not forget to have a hashtag of your product or service.

4. Make your Twitter Account public

Setting your Twitter Account to public means you are allowing even non-followers of your account to see your posts. Since this is a business Twitter account, it is important that you do not limit your Twitter audience.

With a public Twitter account, your tweet can reach audiences who would be searching for hashtags that you have included in your post.

5. Link your Twitter to your other social media accounts

Your tweets can be seen even outside Twitter. You can link several social media accounts to your Twitter like Facebook through your settings. You can even include your websites. Once you post a Tweet, your social media accounts will automatically re-tweet the post to their own platform.

6. Add pictures or gifs to your Tweets

A picture can paint a thousand words and a Tweet is even made more interesting when you attach pictures and gifs to it. Most people are visual by nature and would prefer to see something concrete instead of imagining what the play of words actually mean.

Remember Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscar selfie two years ago? It’s the most shared tweet of all time having been shared more than 3.3M times edging out One Direction Louis Tomlinson’s October 2011 “Always in my heart” tweet for Harry Styles or Barack Obama’s “4 More Years” tweet in 2012 which both got retweeted 700k times.

It would have not generated millions of shares without the picture (of course it helped a lot that Ellen’s selfie was overloaded with of popular celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong’o, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper).

7. Create a connection with your followers

This can be tedious but really effective no matter what social media platform you use. What you can do though is search through your own feed and look for tweets that you can reply to. The technique, here, is to look for tweets somewhat related to your own tweet then include the link of your tweet.

Avoid doing a hard sell though as not to irritate the person and to prevent getting blocked by your follower.

Celebrities and popular personalities have their tweets shared all the time. That’s nothing when you get millions of followers like Katy Perry who owns the top spot with 76.4M followers or Taylor Swift with her 64.7M followers so you can try engaging popular personalities that you follow.

Just a simple: “Hey @TheEllenShow, why don’t you try this really for your social media accounts?” will do. Chances are these celebrities might not read your tweet, but their followers can and might get curious enough to click on the link and share it.

8. Go premium and use Twitter ads

Ads on social media always work and just recently Twitter added their Twitter Ads. For twitter, you have 3 options that you can choose from- Promoted Accounts, Promoted Trends, and Promoted Tweets. In this scenario, Promoted Tweets would be the best option to use. To go about it, you just need to write your content to appeal to your targeted audience, select the correct option and your tweet will appear on your target audience’s timeline.

By availing of the Promoted Tweets, you are trying to widen your audience to include Twitter accounts not on your Followers list so your reach now has become twice or thrice what you would get ordinarily.

9. Make your tweet more “clickable”

Before you started your business, you must have done your homework properly and know who your target audience is. When creating your tweets, always bear in mind who your target audience is.

Your tweet should be customized to appeal to the interest of your desired market. For example, if your business is Paleo diet food then your tweet must appeal to those who are trying to lose weight.

A good example of an eye-catching tweet is: “Lose Weight Fast without Exercise Visit #paleodietfood #loseweightnow”

A simple tweet specifically designed to entice the interest of those people who are weight conscious plus a clear copy of the picture of the product you are selling will ensure that your tweet gets the attention it deserves and preferably gets shared to other people.

10. Practice creating eye-catching Tweets

Practice makes perfect. Make it a habit of creating several variations of your tweet before posting and select the one that you think is the best version. If it’s possible to ask the opinions of other people then do so.

Tweeting about your product or service might be a little difficult at first but if you make it a habit of tweeting regularly you’ll get the hang of it pretty soon.


A business Twitter account is different than your personal Twitter account. Your audience is quite limited to those in the same niche or related to it unlike in your personal account where you are free to follow whoever you want to and tweet whatever topics you can think of. With your business account, your aim here is to really capture the interest of your followers so they will be interested enough to share your tweet or click on the favorite button.

The more you tweet, the more you will be able to practice these tips. In most cases, your tweet should be a combination of these tips to make them more “shareable”. Bear in mind that with your business Twitter account, your goal is always sales conversion. Unlike in traditional marketing where you need to spend a lot of money to advertise your product or service before it can reach your target audience, Twitter allows you to promote your business for free.

The Twitter paid ads just allow you a better conversion since it has a wider reach when it comes to audiences at a shorter span of time. There are also several online tools and software you can use on Twitter that can help you generate more shares and followers. Some of these are free while others are paid.

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