10 Ways To Find Better Content Ideas For Your Blog

10 Ways To Find Better Content Ideas For Your Blog


Better content ideas set one’s website apart from the rest. Writing your blog content is probably the easiest and the hardest part of blogging. It’s the easiest because writing your content about something you are passionate about allows you to write freely, making it an extension of yourself. Although, finding better content ideas is the hardest thing to do especially when you’re trying to have great unique ideas on each blog post.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of brainstorming and pacing back and forth around your living room trying to come up with better content ideas. Sometimes you even feel a cold sweat kick in when you have no idea what you’re going to have as an output. Here’s a little secret though, don’t worry about it too much; because we’ve listed down 10 ways on how to find better content ideas for your blog:

better content ideas

#1 Answer the questions that others won’t

Try searching the blogosphere for some unanswered questions that might be relevant to your niche. Readers are intrigued and captivated by blogs who answers questions no one else would. Just be sure to back your content up with facts and not just mere he said/she said’s.

#2 The potential lies within you

Try asking yourself: In a perfect blogging world, what content would you really like to tackle? Think about your niche and write everything you can think about it on a piece of paper and you’re bound to list down things that actually go together into one single content. All you need now are the basics – really good writing, eye-catching illustrations and a very informative and captivating narrative. and voila!

#3 Research is the Key for Better Content Ideas

Go to the blogs that inspire you and take note of the topics that really grab the reader’s attention and see if the content has a lot of weight and discussion on it. Then take that topic and examine the way you can discuss it and make it yours. Do plenty of research about what you want to talk about so that you can add more into it. Advice: Never copy though. Plagiarism is a big NO.

#4 Talk to your readers, they might know something

talking points

When your brain somehow is all juiced out, it pays to ask your readers. Who knows, they may have a golden nugget itching to come out. Just remember to always credit them when you do push through with it. Share the credit because without your readers, your blog will just be a simple diary of your thoughts.

#5 Review something

Any reader would love to eat, buy, use, travel to and even wear something that a blogger that they respected would recommend. Try to look for something that is gaining momentum, examine it, and then write about it. Take note, that the content of review can either be good or bad but always remember, be objective and not biased. Be truthful. Putting your stamp of approval over something you totally do not believe in means bad news for those readers who will take your word for it.

#6 Go deep. Go for it

Giving your readers a small piece of yourself is also a great idea. Going personal and really getting into the nitty gritty about something – maybe an eventful moment in your life or maybe a trending topic on social media that really touches your heart and inspires you. It’s a great way of showing your readers that you are more than just a blogger but also a human being just like them. Just don’t forget to hold back on some bits when writing your content. Reserve your dirty little secrets to your closest peers.

#7 Find something better, new

try something new

When it comes to food and fashion niches, finding something better or new and being the starting point of the whole discussion is the hardest thing to do when it come to actually finding one. Try going around town and look for undiscovered or underappreciated gems that no one has ever heard of and take it from there.

Asking around the block, or even your friends, or tapping your contacts about it is also a good way to shine light on things. Don’t just write about it because it’s new but because it’s something relevant to people, telling why they should give it a chance. Hard work, yes, but totally worth it.

#8 Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Reduce your dread in finding new and better ideas for content by looking at your archives. Try reading through some memorable ones and try to see if it can be reused and revived again. Recycling old blog content is a thing among bloggers. But doesn’t mean you simply just rearrange the words and call it a day. Develop it more and add more informative details to it. It’s basically a diamond in the rough. All it needs is a little polish.

#9 Be the specialist of better content ideas

Making yourself a specialist on something is real hard work. Since the advent of free blogging platforms, niches have started to become saturated with one topic being catered by many blog sites. However despite that, if you really want to blog, just pick a niche and go for it, but instead of being another food blog, specialize on content that you have strong conviction for – may it be gluten free cupcakes or dairy free desserts. Research on topics that can become the go-to blog and own it. Take for example this fridge blog.

#10 Know what people agree and disagree on

This doesn’t always come on head strong, but the honest truth is if you question and find topics that get people – the people that have an opinion on something – thinking… well then there starts your chain of ideas, and it actually works. Think about it, the questions are designed to rack your readers’ brains for ideas that will challenge your train of thought. By answering them, you’ll provide clarity for the seeds of doubt they may have about things commonly debated upon.

Soon you’ll have created a content rebellion, and readers will flock to either agree or disagree.

If, in fact, someone does proceed to contradict you and your thoughts, simply thank them for contributing and share that the conversation makes us all just a tad bit smarter. After all, a public argument is great publicity.

The main point about all of this would be that blogging is always paired with reading, whether it’s your favorite magazine or read a book at a coffee shop. Enriching your head with facts, details would somehow trigger your brain into popping out really fantastic ideas for your blog content. You might even realize something along the way, that you were actually dying to write about all natural cosmetic products but just forgot about it, simply because you were busy thinking about what to write. Sometimes, it’s just at the tip of our nose.

Wrapping it up

With all the tips mentioned, you don’t have to try them all at the same time, just do them one at a time and see what works for you. Don’t overthink it, just believe in yourself and write with conviction. Do that and the ideas will just flow out of you.

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